Insurance Blog Week in Review – Week of February 5-11, 2012

ketchup bottle The Insurance Blog Week in Review gives you an easy way to “ketchup” on all the blogs that were posted this week. In a given week, there can be anywhere from twelve to fourteen different articles that appear on the Insurance Blog. Lately, news about insurance is intertwined with politics. This definitely makes things interesting!

The Insurance Podcast Roundup for the week went up on February 6, 2012.

Federal Government Says No to California’s Medi-Cal Co-Pays
Governor Jerry Brown made a plan that required the low-income people who use Medi-Cal to pay a co-pay before they could be seen by a doctor. The federal government has rejected his idea.

White House Willing to Compromise Over Birth Control
The Obama administration decided to be willing to make a compromise with the Catholic church, and other religious leaders, over the requirement that employer sponsored health insurance must cover the cost of birth control. However, the President still wants to ensure that women are able to get access to this type of health care. Catholic leaders feel that this compromise is not enough.

Congress is Deadlocked Over Medicare Payment Cut – Again
Remember, right before Christmas, when Congress passed a two month extension on the deadline that would cause doctors to receive a 27% cut to their reimbursement rate when they treat Medicare patients? Well, that two month deadline is almost up, and Congress is “stuck” again.

Rick Santorum’s Comments on Health Insurance
Rick Santorum won three primaries this week. His victory speech included many comments about health insurance.

Rick Santorum Really Hates the Affordable Care Act
Many Republicans have said they want to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act. Rick Santorum wants to get rid of every part of it – including the laws that have helped, and are currently helping, many Americans be able to find affordable health insurance coverage.

Catholic Network Sues Federal Government Over Birth Control
The EWTN Global Catholic Network, the largest religious television network in the world, has decided to sue the federal government. They want the court to find the requirement that all employer sponsored health insurance plans must cover the cost of birth control to be unconstitutional.

Pet Insurance is Necessary, Despite Expense
Protect your little “fur babies” with pet insurance. It is less expensive to purchase a policy than it would be to cover the cost of the chemotherapy, or the surgery, that you pet may one day need.

UCSF Might do Transplant for Navarro After All
UCSF is now willing to work with Jesus Navarro about the kidney transplant he needs. This doesn’t mean the hospital will preform the transplant. It just means they are working with Navarro now.

Supreme Court Cases One Step Closer to Being Televised
The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed a bill that, if passed by the Senate and House of Representatives, could mean that Supreme Court cases will be televised. This would include the upcoming case about the Affordable Care Act.

Obama Administration Backs Down on Birth Control Coverage
The President has made a compromise. Religious affiliated businesses no longer have to pay for the coverage of birth control in their employer sponsored health insurance plans. Instead, those businesses’ insurers will have to cover that cost, themselves. Many religious groups are still not happy with this compromise.

Beware of Junk Health Insurance!
Consumer Reports would like to warn you against purchasing a mini-med health insurance plan. Those plans don’t cover anywhere near as much health care as you might be expecting!

Image by Randall Bohn on Flickr