An interesting fact about treasure hunting is that 90% of all people that own a metal detector started out by hunting coins. Currently, numbers show that 60% of all people that treasure hunt still hunt for coins, although they do on occasion try other forms of hunting. Studies also show that 20% of people coin hunting become quite good at this and actually are considered as professionals in that they know all the right places for finding coins, spending the majority of their spare time hunting. Additionally, 30% of all coin hunters are female, with that number climbing.

Another interesting fact is that the people who treasure hunt are all extremely nice, respectable people. They share many of the same qualities such as being patient and giving. These individuals live life with integrity and studies show the majority are excellent, dedicated parents. There is just something special about people that hunt for treasure in that they are balanced individuals that enjoy adventure.

Some people are so talented when it comes to treasure hunting that they have been inspired to write books on how to be a great hunter. You will also find that some people give so much of their time to treasure hunting, they have unearthed historical artifacts such as a 6.25 ounce nugget, Spanish Reales dating back to the 1530s, a complete set of W.M. Rogers silverware stored in a rich, maple case, twelve 1799 cents, as well as an abundance of gold and diamonds.

The technology for metal detectors is changing all the time, where even metal detectors designed two years ago are considered out of date. When it comes to wet beaches and black sand deposits, the majority of metal detectors designed for hunting coins have difficulty in these situations. For this reason, when shopping for the right detectors, be sure to ask the salesperson if the detector will work in specific scenarios. While some metal detectors are designed to handle special jobs, remember that just because a detector has an extra fancy meter, it may not operate for the type of hunting you plan to do.

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