Interracial Marriage and How it Affects Children

In today’s world the problems and issues that used to arise with interracial marriages are no longer as adamant and obvious. There are still however, problems with families that are interracial. It is not so much the parents that experience the grief as much as their children do. Children are far more judgmental than a lot of adults are today regarding the situation. It is not so much that they do not approve it is more like they do not understand.

If a child has never been exposed to other races or seen two different races married and living together than their first reaction is to think that this is “weird” or “strange”. When kids do not understand something their first reaction is to make fun or tease the child with the interracial parents. When a child is teased at a young age they do not know how to defend themselves and then they begin to feel ashamed of their family.

This is something that has happened to many children. The only way to deal with this is to talk to your child yourself. Your child must understand that there is nothing wrong with an interracial family and that he/she is only being teased because the other kids do not understand it. If you can get a clear understanding into them than this teasing and verbal abuse they may take in will not affect them as much as it would if they began to believe the things that their friends and fellow classmates were saying. Unfortunately, children can be cruel, and their ignorance-usually taught by their parents, is a sad part of our culture, and a disgrace.

There are still many children today who are raised in a racist household.
This of course would have a huge effect on their social life and their entire mindset when it comes to other races and interracial families. When a child is raised a certain way, they do not know any better until they are told something different. This will create a large amount of verbal abuse for a child with an interracial family.

With these two factors put together it is easy to see how the children in interracial families take the brunt of the abuse and may or may not take it well. It is up to the parents of this child to ensure that he is comfortable with his/her family and understands why their friends pick on them because of it. An understanding can mean the world of difference to a child being teased. Family counseling in order to help deal with this matter can be a big help. Not seeking counseling or talking to you child about racism can lead to feelings of worthlessness and possible dangerous behavior such as alcohol use and other addictions. Above all, remember that your family comes first, and situations stemming from an interracial marriage with children must not be ignored. Sad but true, there is a wealth of stupid, ignorant , cruel people in the world.