Interview Journaling

Journaling is such an important part of the scrapbook process and really does belong on every single scrapbooking layout you do. Journaling is how you tell the story about what is going on in the photographs. It can be difficult to find something interesting to say about every single picture you plan to scrap.

This is where Interview Journaling and other types can come in. Interview journaling is a great way to journal from another standpoint. It allows two different voices to participate in the journaling process and also is a great technique when wanting to include memories from your children or grandparents.
I use Interview journaling a lot in my scrapbook layouts. I enjoy the feel of being able to ask questions and just record the answers I get. And it makes for some great reading later on.

In my example on the right you can see that I have the questions in one color with the answers below it in another color. This is an effective technique and makes it easier to read the questions and follow along with the two separate voices. It simply makes the whole style flow better.

This style of journaling is also known as Question and Answer journaling or Q & A for short. There are so many ways to attempt this type of journaling.

The questions could pertain to the event depicted in the pictures or perhaps it could just be questions designed to get to know the individual better. This is a great technique for kids school pages. Find out what their favorite classes are, who they enjoy playing with at school, and even for older children it’s interesting to see who their favorite teacher might be.

An Extra Tip:
Do you get inundated with emails that are the typical “getting to know you” type where there are tons of questions that you are supposed to answer and forward to all of your friends? These are an excellent thing to print out and use in your scrapbooking albums.

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