Interview with Piggy Tales’ Owner (2)

As promised, here is more of the interview with Debbie Juden, owner of a exciting new scrapbook company, Piggy Tales.

Lisa: What inspired the fairy tale theme for your company name and products?

Debbie: Starting a business is a lot like having kids. Once you find out what you are going to have you need to name it. Because we were starting a scrapbook company, and scrapbooking has always been something I love, I wanted the name to mean something. Instantly, I wanted the name to be something that had to do with a fond childhood memory. I asked my husband to brainstorm on paper his fond childhood memories. He has three sisters so “piggy tails” was one of the things on his list. I think my husband is brilliant. He did very well in college, and went to a top law school; however, spell check has seriously handicapped his spelling ability. So, he spelled it “piggy tales.” After some teasing, and once Webster put his mind at ease, we discussed the definition of tales and thought it appropriate, because as scrapbookers every layout we do tells a chapter of a story/tale and every album we complete is a tale of a moment, an event, or a life. Then my husband suggested each line be a fairy tale and I said that is wonderful.

Lisa: I love the concept behind the name of your company. I think that it perfect for a scrapbooking company.

Lisa: How do you gain inspiration for creating your products?

Debbie: I get inspiration from everywhere and everything. I love to see the expressions of other people’s inspiration during CHA. Some other paper companies are very cold and do not like it when I visit their booths at CHA. I think they feel I will take their ideas; ironically, I only want to know what they are doing so I don’t do the same thing. If I have a paper line idea that will be coming out at the next show and I see that someone else has a similar product, I start all over again. One common thing I hear from everyone at CHA is how our paper is different. I love to hear that.

Debbie has given me permission to share a few of her layouts she has created using her products.

I love the bold colors and patterns that help to create such great layouts (and a card.) Thanks for sharing those. Be sure to check out the Piggy Tales gallery for many more ideas on including their products into your layouts.

Check back for our final part of the interview with Debbie. You can also read part one of this interview here.