Interview with Piggy Tales’ Owner (3)

Here is the final part of the interview with Debbie Juden, the owner of scrapbooking company Piggy Tales.

Lisa: Has owning your own business been what you expected?

Debbie: I think lots of people want the autonomy of owning their own business and they never do it. It is sort of like the fact that everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. When you work for yourself it is very rewarding but it is a lot of work. Piggy Tales has really taken off. For example, during the month of June we had fewer than 2000 people visit our website, but during the last few weeks of July we had over 150,000 people visit the site. We have tons of emails every day from scrapbookers asking us to tell their local scrapbook stores to stock our paper, showing how they have used our products, or telling us how much they love our products. I love this response. It really helps fuel the creative energies when you know you are providing something others want to create even more beautiful things with. When I am trying to get a design and color on a product just right, my husband loves to say “Honey it looks great. Don’t worry about it, they are only going to cut, rip, tear, burn, and crumble it up!” I love it!!!

Lisa: I am so happy that things are going very well for you. That is very exciting.

Lisa: Since you have started your business, have you found it difficult to find
time to scrapbook?

Debbie: Yes. However, my sister and cousins still use it as a time to spend time together. Some people go to movies. We scrapbook while our husbands go to movies, and all I request is that he brings me back some Sour Patch Kids!!

Lisa: I see that you are currently looking for new design team members. I’d like to share that information with our readers. You just need to submit 3 layouts, one altered project, a list of current design team memberships and galleries, and a list of any published work. The deadline is August 15.

You may be wondering why you should be interested in joining a design team. Well, a design team member for Piggy Tales will receive a lot of (free) Piggy Tales product, compensation for published pieces using their products and a bio up on their site.

Check out this link for more details on joining the design team.

Lisa: Thanks you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share information about yourself and your company. Good luck with building your company in the future.

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