Interviews with Homeschoolers – Danyelle Leafty

trtrr I love talking to other homeschoolers and finding out why they chose to homeschool and how it works for them. Today I’m joined by Danyelle Leafty. Danyelle, thanks for letting me pick your brain! First off, I’d like to know, why did you decide to homeschool?

I decided to homeschool because my son learns very quickly. I wanted his education to be paced with his ability which would be impossible in a traditional school setting. A single teacher can only do so much. I also wanted him to retain his love of learning. He has been asking questions ever since he could talk, and we’ve both learned a lot through these impromptu asking sessions. And after I realized that I could do this, it wasn’t much of a step to teach my other children (all younger than school-age) because they also wanted to be involved.

What are your favorite things about it?

My favorite things are being able to take a very active role in my children’s education, being able to watch them learn, discover, and grow, being able to spend time with them, answering questions, reading together, and just sitting back and watching them in wonder.

What challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

Self-doubt was one of the earliest challenges, and I overcame that by ignoring that little voice hammering away at my ear that I couldn’t do this. Extended familial support was also lacking at first, but their grandparents have come around a bit as they’ve seen the benefits of homeschooling. Being able to keep up with four energetic minds that want to learn *now*. I’ve learned how to take things one day at a time. I plan in advance, but live in the present. I have a child with autism, so I’ve had to educate myself quite a bit–not just academically, but attune myself to my son and structure his schooling to meet his needs.

How have you managed to balance family time with getting time to yourself to pursue your own hobbies/passions?

My family works well with routine, so we have specific hours during which school takes place. There are occasional hiccups, but for the most part it works. We get school done in the morning until lunch time, and P.E. and personal reading time in after nap/quiet time is over. My husband and children have been very supportive of me being able to get my “me” time, and as an introvert, I really appreciate that. The kids see what I’m doing and ask questions, and it’s nice to be able to share that part of me with them. The part that isn’t Mom and isn’t Teacher (aka Dragon Lady), just me.

This is all such great information! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today.

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