Introducing Scrapbook Blogger

It is no laughing matter the way the scrapbooking industry and grown in every single way. From new methods of scrapbooking to new innovative products just for scrapbookers, it continues to change every single day. And now there is a whole new concept. If you are a scrapbooker, you might truly find this to be right up your alley.

Introducing What do they do there? They make photo books from your blog or blog posts. Sounds cool right?

This innovative idea was started by Ashley Cuttino, a lawyer, scrapbooker, blogger and mom who thought it would make a cool concept. And it does!

Scrapbook Blogger provides a software program that pulls in a blogs feed and then combines the posts with different styles of backgrounds. You can get a hard bopy of the book that you can place on your coffee table or hide away in your closet.

So what are other scrapbookers saying? Lucy Meyer, a scrapbooker and blogger for the past four years says β€œIt’s actually really cool. It seems like it would be a great way to remember your life, especially if you actually blog about it.” Other scrapbookers are saying the same thing. So what do the skeptics say? The only bad thing I have heard about the idea, is that so many people blog anonymously that they wouldn’t be able to use those posts for fear that a family member would see the book. It is important to understand that you do get to choose which posts are used in your book, and which are not – eliminating this problem entirely.

Personally I could see this catching on and taking off. Already there are sites designed to create books from your blog, but Ashely seems to have taken this one step further. To learn more about scrapbook blogger, be sure and visit the website.

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