Introducing Scrapbooking to Your Preschooler (2)

Introducing scrapbooking to your preschooler doesn’t have to be a difficult concept. It can be an educational, and rewarding experience. It can help to develop coordination, creativity and self-esteem. Three key concepts at this budding age of innocence.

Yesterday, I wrote Introducing Scrapbooking to Your Preschooler (1) where I provided a basic run down of what you need to know about your preschooler and scrapbooking, as well as provided three easy tips to get started.

Here are several more great tips to get your preschooler scrapbooking:

  • Use doubles and reprints. Never use your originals when scrapbooking with a child of any age. What they want cropped out of the photograph might not be the same thing you want cropped out. And they should be allowed to express themselves the same way you would. Don’t use an original photograph, and always make sure you can reprint the photograph they use, just in case a disaster occurs. Allowing your child complete control over the pictures they are using, allows them a certain area of control and creativity, which will help improve their self esteem. Encourage, don’t discourage.
  • A binder works best. For this age group, a binder with page protectors works best. And a plain binder is perfect, because the child can paint on the cover or decorate the cover they way they want. It’s easy to add and remove pages and allows for total flexibility.
  • Keep journaling simple. If your child knows how to write their name, have them sign each piece at the bottom. They can add the age they were when they created the page and if you can teach them how to write the date in number form, it is good practice. If you want to write journaling on the page, do it on the back. Don’t write it on the front where their hard work and creativity went into designing that particular layout.
  • Praise them. Give them constant praise and encouragement. It is important for a child this age to feel as if they are doing everything right. They will need a lot of direction, which can be discouraging. So be gentle and praise them often. You will build an extremly self-confident little person. This is a good thing.

Scrapbooking with preschoolers can be a fun and rewarding experience. Allowing them a bit of control and flexibility will keep them feeling creative and could present a life long love for scrapbooking.

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