Me. Copyright William H. Hall III

Welcome to the photography blog. I will be your photographer for today. I don’t recognize any of your faces, and I’m usually good with faces.

My name is Bill, and I am a professional freelance photographer, which means I don’t have a studio of my own, but work on location. The advantage of this is that I don’t have the usual overhead normally associated with a traditional business. It also allows me to be more flexible as far as what I can and can’t do, since I usually go to people’s homes to take pictures of the family, including their pets.

My main focus on photography over the past few years has been youth sports, family portraits and pets. I have also done weddings, landscape and nature photography, and some copy work (as in copying my wife’s artwork for slide submission to art directors). I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, and I have been photographing things since my grandfather got me interested in photography when I was younger.

I am also an animal lover, and particularly love dogs. My wife and I have four dogs, of various breeds, and we only stopped “collecting” because in our locality you need a kennel license to have more than four dogs. We’re also no longer allowed to go to the local animal shelter (not because they won’t let us, but because we won’t allow ourselves). William Wegman is one of my favorite photographers, and I am amazed at how (apparently) docile his Weimeraners are. I know I wouldn’t let him dress me up in those outfits without a fight!

Anyway, my blog will center on practical tips, tricks, and advice on how to take pictures, manipulate them (if needed or desired), print them, share them (by traditional methods or online), store your pictures, and other stuff you can do with pictures and photography. So, join me now as we embark on a wonderful journey of photography and fun, where your personal input is very important and welcome. Bookmark this blog, or subscribe to the RSS feed, and stay with me. (The RSS feed for my page is right below the Sponsor ads on the left, under “subscribe to photography”. Or, you can just right click here and select “copy link location” or “save target as”, and add to your RSS reader). You will certainly have fun, and you may learn something new. I’m sure I will…