iPod Messenger Bag

Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with any more accessories for your iPod, now there is one more. The company G-Tech recently released plans to create an iPod messenger bag. The messenger bag goes along with their already pretty decent line of book bags that are designed to integrate along with your iPod.

The book bag allows you to connect your iPod or mp3 player to the book bag and then use the controls on the book bag itself to control your iPod. The book bag version of their product is actually a pretty decent book bag with a built in file folder, and separate compartments for books and what not.

I think these types of products are actually pretty decent ideas. Really, it can be quite difficult to try and carry a book bag and any music playing device at the same time. I can remember thinking I was pretty cool stuff in college when I purchased a book bag with a place for the headphones to be threaded through so I could listen and walk.

The downside of those types of book bags is that you were stuck with the CD in the order it was in when you started it and zipped it up in your book bag. G-tech makes it easy to change songs, skip and do anything else you would usually do you with your iPod by putting the controls right on the side of your book bag strap.

The messenger bag is going to be available in black and dark brown for a suggested retail price of $129. The bag is pretty pricy overall, but can by integrating you iPod into your laptop bag it can be an excellent replacement for a failing work or school bag. Look for the G-Tech messenger bag at a CompUSA, or other electronic retailer near you.

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