Is a Blended Family Normal?

Have you ever wondered if living in a blended family is normal? Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels as if you are all alone and that nobody understands what it is like for you? Do you feel like your whole world truly is in a blender set to high and everything just keeps going round and round? Yes. Most of us do in a blended family.

In a startling figure, it has been revealed that an approximate 2100 new blended families are joined every day in the United States. Statistics also show that there are more than 20+million households that are blended and that the number is steadily growing daily.

Research has shown that by the year 2010, a blended family will be more “normal” than you can even imagine. It will be the most common family unit in our nation. By that year, 130+ million people will either be in a blended family or they will have been in a blended family in some way. This includes adoption, marriage, re-marriage, etc.

So when I am asked if a blended family is normal. Yes. It really is very normal even when our families feel less than functional with a slight ability to feel totally dysfunctional. For the most part, any family that you live in has growing pains, adjustments, learning curves – so why shouldn’t a blended family be the same?

With the statistics what they are, no matter what you choose to call a blended family or a step family, it is most definitely the family of the future. Someday nobody will ever ask if its normal, because it will be so common it won’t even be thought of.

Do you know many people living in a blended family or do you feel mostly alone?

I actually don’t know many people close to me that are living in a blended family, so I do sometimes feel like we are alone in this. I know, we aren’t.

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