Is Acceptance and Blatant Love Possible in Marriage?

There are times all of us wish we had more love to give or felt more love in our lives and marriages. Sometimes you hear about miraculous love stories that seem so much like those we read about in fairytales as children. We then ask the logical question, “Why can’t I have that?”

The fact is all of us can experience the mysteries and wonders of love in our marriages. Much of what we get out of marriage is directly proportionate to what we put into it. If two people are sincere and truly wanting the best for the other, the beauty and dynamics of the love relationship will grow and blossom before our very eyes.

Acceptance and blatant love are two of the most important ingredients of a blissful marriage experience. With acceptance comes closeness. The more you give acceptance, the more you’ll receive it. Acceptance is one of the most mature and desired gifts to give another individual, and when that individual is your spouse, well, you’re not only investing in them as a person, but also in yourself.

Blatant love has to do with putting the other person first and giving all you can to them and the relationship. It means thinking of ways to please and make them happy. Blatant love doesn’t keep score; it simply seeks to give and give without reserve or question.

As a person begins to love without reserve, the spouse receiving that love will open up and wish to return the affection. Giving promotes giving. It’s a cyclical action that can only bring a more fulfilling experience into the marriage covenant.

As you begin to practice acceptance and blatant acts of love toward your spouse, you will not only be making your spouse happy, you will in turn reap the benefits of your own giving and random acts of love and kindness.