Is Being a Homemaker as Important as Working Outside the Home?

For many housewives across the country, staying home and working is a dream come true. Those who have children and are able to stay home and work find that it’s more rewarding, and much more convenient for maintaining the home and family. Yet, for others, being a homemaker sometimes robs them of their self-esteem.

Homemakers play an important role in the family. The husband may be the primary breadwinner and provider, but the woman who stays home is the primary provider of the emotional care and atmosphere of the home. She is usually the one to instill in her children the values and foundation that create a healthy, balanced child.

Fathers can even be the homemakers. Stay home dads are more common these days, and do as good of a job as stay home moms. Whoever the primary breadwinner is in the home, it’s important for that person to respect the homemaker. There’s a lot to be said for someone who is able to raise kids, clean, cook and still put on a cheerful face and love what they’re doing all along the way.

If you happen to be a homemaker who struggles to feel good about your role, you’re not alone. Many struggle with feelings of inadequacy, feeling left out from the fast pace life of the corporate world, and feeling insecure.

Here are some simple things to practice if you fit this category:

1. Positive affirmations are important. Write down three things that make you proud of being a homemaker.
2. Stay up on what’s going on with your spouse’s work, the outside world, and whenever possible go out with friends who are both homemakers and those who work outside the home.
3. Take up a hobby and come up with ways of making money working from home. Maybe you can finally start that home-based business you’ve always dreamed of starting.
4. If you have extra time, and the kids are in school, maybe you can take a class at a community college or volunteer in the community.

Just remember that being a homemaker is a wonderful gift and chance to be all you can be in a comfortable setting, with you as your own boss.