Is Bitterness Causing Your Weight Gain?

It is well known that depression, guilt, anger, and low self-esteem can be at the root of excessive weight gain. Emotional eating will cause a person to enter into a vicious cycle of giving into food for comfort yet the weight gained will only cause more emotional issues. In Christian terms we call this giving into the flesh which reaps no joy. Many eat their way through emotions because facing the emotions head on is too difficult. No weight loss plan or workout routine can match the power of the voice in your head leading you to fail.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that bitterness and an unforgiving attitude can also lead to weight gain. This point was presented by my pastor last Sunday evening. Honestly, I had never associated bitterness with weight gain. My pastor made brilliant points on how the sin of unforgiveness which is the root cause of bitterness in lives of many can lead to gluttony. Unforgiveness is basically poison to the spiritual body. As it grows within it causes a lack of love in one’s heart. This spiritual condition can have a physical manifestation of obesity.

Even if you do not believe the above to be true, we have all heard the warnings of how emotional stress and anger can affect one’s health. There is a definite connection between our mind and body. An unhealthy attitude will be followed by an unhealthy body. Now, my pastor was quick to point out that not every overweight person is unforgiving or harbors bitterness. Yet, the point is clear. Our heart attitude toward others and life will affect our health. Sadly, this unhealthy attitude leads to unhealthy habits like overeating.

If you struggle with weight issues you must consider not only your physical health but your mental health. There could be an issue under the surface that is manifesting itself through overeating. Do you feel bitter toward those in your life? Do you harbor unforgiveness toward someone who has wronged you? These issues need to be brought to the surface and dealt with before you can be successful in your weight loss goals.

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