Is Homeschooling Worth It–Just for Character?

I have said before that despite being a fairly conservative Christian, religion has nothing to do with our homeschool decision. We homeschool because we feel like sending out kids to public school would be educationally neglectful. (Ironic isn’t it?) But there is no doubt that the character traits they pick up from being at home make them some of the most polite children on the block.

Although we have not homeschooled solely for the purpose of our children’s character, the outcome and influence is undeniable. I know that many would say that their children attend public school, and their child’s character is just fine. That might well be true, after all, I think that the family is the primary influence over how a child behaves. All the same, saying that your child is never influenced by his peers while attending school, is a little naive. So is it worth homeschooling your child just to address his character?

How Important is Character Anyways?

Can you describe your mechanic? (Just follow me for a minute here.) If you have a person that you regularly take your car to, I’m guessing that he is trustworthy. We have a mechanic (he’s actually the father of one of our students) and he is so trustworthy that despite not being able to speak English well, I will still take the car to him without hesitation. I tell everyone else to go there too. Now, would you want a mechanic that is untrustworthy? What about a doctor that cheated on his tests in med school?

The reality is, when we deal with people in the adult world; when we take our business to them, we want them to behave in a manner that is moral. People want to deal with honest, hard working people. Regardless of religion.

Serious Character Issues

Serious character issues are not a result of the public school system (despite what some people might like to think). However, with a well thought out plan, homeschooling to help your child overcome serious character flaws might not be a bad idea. If you really feel like some of your child’s issues are related to friends and peer influences, then brining him home might well be worth it. Character, not academics, is frequently what will determine the level of success your child will experience in his career.

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