Is it Already Time for Christmas Music?

My eldest daughter is a Christmas music junky. She loves all sorts of versions and doesn’t seem to mind whether it is popular music, carols, or instrumentals. This time of year rolls around and she starts singing and playing the carols. I’ve tried asking her to wait at least until the day after Thanksgiving but now that she is only months away from being a legal adult, she’s probably old enough to make her own decisions about such things. Still, I refuse to believe it is already Christmas music time of year…

She pointed out last night as she was listening to the stacks of holiday music cds checked out from the vast collection at our local library–that every grocery store and shopping mall is already playing the holiday music. There are even some radio stations that are starting to play those Christmas classics even though it is still one week away from Thanksgiving. “How’s a person supposed to NOT want to listen to the jingles, now Mom?” she asked as she tried the third version of “Oh Holy Night.”

I have to admit that my eldest is pretty much alone in her early-onset enthusiasm, however, as my son is grumbling that “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” just like his mother. My concern is that if we start into the Christmas music this early, won’t we be incredibly sick of it by about December 15th? Well, maybe I’ll be sick of it, but my eldest claims she never gets tired of the festive tunes–it is, she claims, her favorite part of the holiday season and it is pretty darn hard to argue with that. With all the commercialism and multi-hundred dollar item requests, it is kind of refreshing to have a teenager that just wants to listen to Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond (separately of course) sing different versions of “The Little Drummer Boy…”

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