Is My Child Ready for Preschool?

For a small child going to preschool is a big event. It is also a big event for the parents. Often it is the first time a child and parent will be separated for a significant number of hours. Due to this separation a parent will feel anxiety over wondering if the child is ready for this big step in her little life. Becoming a preschooler is nothing to take lightly. A child being separated for the first time from the parent can make the child uneasy. Big changes for little hands can make for rough transitions. So, how do you know your child is ready to handle this step?

Before I begin, I want to point out that I do not believe a child needs to attend preschool. If you are a working mom who needs the child care then I suggest a preschool over day care. If you are a stay at home mom who believes preschool will help prepare your child for life then don’t fall for it. Preschool can be a great experience but it is not necessary. Children who do not attend preschool are just as successful in Kindergarten as children who do not. As I said, preschool can be wonderful and it is preferable at 3 over day care but one should not feel the need to send a child to preschool.

If you feel preschool is the best place for your child then you will want to know if the child is ready. Quite simply, a child is ready for preschool when she is potty trained, able to follow a two part command, able to be separated from the parent, and able to get along with others. You do not need to worry about academics. The only concerns are social adaptability and awareness. If your child can behave properly in a new environment and can respect authority and play well with others then your next step is finding the perfect preschool.