Is Scraplifting Really Alright?

One of the questions, I am posed most often, when I am teaching a scrapbook class or workshop, seems to be “Is scraplifting really okay to do?”. While many scrapbookers have formed their own ideas and opinions regarding scraplifting, some are still pondering that question.

So here is my opinion on scraplifting.

Scraplifting: The act of copying another scrapbookers ideas and designs to use in your own scrapbook albums and layouts. Partial ideas or whole ideas can be “lifted”, and all are considered scraplifting, though the definition for some is subjective.

Why do some people scraplift?

The main reason people scraplift is to get layouts done at a more rapid pace. Often copying someone else’s ideas, can get ones own creative juices flowing and allow for extended freedom on a scrapbook layout.

Another reason for scraplifting, taken from a poll, is that some suffer from scrappers block, which is a lot like writer’s block; when you just cannot seem to come up with any ideas.

So the age old question posed, really is – is it okay to do?

Personally, I can only think of one situation, where scraplifting is most certainly not okay. When you are creating a layout for publication, or payment, it is unacceptable, to steal someone else’s work. In a case like this, a layout by another scrapbooker might better serve as inspiration for an entirely new design, but to copy a partial or whole layout, and at any time gain recognition or payment for it, is absolutely not okay.

However, if you are doing a large number of scrapbook pages, trying to crawl out of a scrappers block, or just in general admiring another scrapbooker’s layout, and you plan to only use the layout that you have partially or entirely copied in your own personal scrapbook, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Some scrapbooker believe that somewhere on the page you should include a credit to the original creator. I am not sure how I feel about that, since I don’t typically scraplift. However, as a writer, I am big on “give credit where credit is due” and it honestly makes me upset, when I see my work on someone else’s web page, with no direct link, tying me to the authorship. So I guess I actually answered my own question on how I feel about it. Instead of mucking up your scrapbook layout with a strange “credit”, you might include the information on the back of the layout.

So tell me, what do you think of scraplifting? Is it okay in your opinion?

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