Is That Good Deal Really Good?

The other day as I was at the grocery store, I was inspired to write this post by some coffee that was on sale. Our family’s grocery budget is rather tight but we do splurge on certain things, like high quality coffee for my husband’s morning cup. Our favorite brand, Green Mountain Coffee, was on sale for $6.00 per bag instead of its usual $8.50. That is quite a savings.

As I picked up two bags of the coffee and placed them in the grocery cart, I remembered that coffee was not on my grocery list. I had bought two bags of our second favorite brand of coffee last week. After a moment or two of thought, the bags of coffee stayed in the cart. Many other times I would have had to put them back. You see, sometimes I have had to leave “great deals” on the shelf at the store because I could not afford to buy those items without having to forego other items that we needed.

I may have overanalyzed the decision of whether or not to buy the coffee but I have a feeling that I am not the only one who sometimes has to pass up a bargain because I simply can not afford it. After all, a “good deal” is only good if it helps you to get the things that you need for a lower price. If you would have to forego other items that you need in order to be able to take advantage of a “good deal”, it is important to take a moment to think over your decision before automatically placing the item in your shopping cart. Sometimes the decision is easy, and sometimes it is more difficult, but if you shop with a budget and a list you can determine right then and there whether that good deal is a good deal for you.

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