Is the Bible Irrelevant?

Is the Bible irrelevant? Apparently many people, and some of them those who claim to be Christians, think so.

That’s the conclusion drawn from statistics produced recently which showed the staggering fact that ‘less than 2 of every 10 Christians in Australia are engaging with God on a daily basis through the Word.’ This is horrifying. How can our churches grow, how can Christians hope to grow in knowledge of God, in obedience in holiness unless they are reading His Word? As I read write this I am convicted that today I have not stopped and taken that prayer and bible reading time… yet today.

Okay, I’m back after taking time to pray and read God’s Word. One of the passages I read was from Leviticus 1. In it, God called to Moses and instructed him about offerings. What struck me was the instructions were clear, orderly and detailed. Why should we expect God’s guidance and instruction of us to be any less, clear, orderly and detailed now? If we don’t know what to do in a certain situation, it could be because we haven’t stopped to ask the Lord for guidance. We haven’t stopped to read His Word and allowed Him to speak to us.

The other reading was from Psalm 64. David sought God’s help and deliverance from enemies. Evil people think no-one sees what they do. But God sees and judges but He blesses His own when they are faithful to Him.

As we look to a new year, will you choose to look to Him each day for guidance? Will you choose to make the bible of prime importance in your life?

As I write, my husband is busy. What is he doing? He is helping another man read the bible and learn more of God. Why? Because he knows how important the Bible is for daily living. He knows the Bible is not irrelevant.

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