Is Tomorrow Your Lucky Day?

Tomorrow is July 7, 2007 or as we stated in Are Dates Lucky in Love? – it’s 7-7-7. It’s one of the most booked wedding days this summer. Wedding planners all over the country are preparing for thousands of weddings as couples seek to take advantage of the date to increase their chances for a successful marriage because 7-7-7 is associated with good fortune.

Luck or Effort?

The truth is, no matter how lucky tomorrow is for many people, it won’t be luck that creates a marriage that can last a half century or more. It takes genuine effort on the part of the couple. It takes commitment. It takes empathy. It takes caring. It takes saying divorce isn’t an option, therefore you have to commit to problem resolution as your first line of defense against your differences.

A lucky day is great and if it puts people in the mindset that their marriages are going to last, I’m all for it. But as with anything, the inspiration is great – but perspiration is what makes it work. That’s the secret. Marriages last because of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

To all the couples planning their nuptials for tomorrow, I wish you all the best. Marriage may not turn out to be what you think it is right now, because our expectations are always different than the reality. Sometimes, marriage can creep up on you. They call the first year after you marry the honeymoon and there’s a reason why it’s a honeymoon all year. You spend most of that year just simply enjoying each other and learning more about each other and experiencing the changes the two of you are going through in your relationship.

But after that first year, you need to remember those feelings and those promises and most of all – you need to never take each other for granted. One couple, celebrating their 70th anniversary, cited their appreciation for each other as the single root of their success. They never took advantage or took for granted their partner, they were always gracious and thanked each other for the things they did and brought into the marriage.

So many happy returns on your weddings for tomorrow and I hope you find the luck and the success you are banking on for a 7-7-7 wedding day.

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