Is Work Getting in the Way of Love and Romance in Your Marriage?

Workaholics present a special challenge to relationships, but especially the marriage relationship. When someone is spending all their extra time working, they are neglecting their loved ones. Those who suffer most are the spouse and children of workaholics.

Since it’s true that relationships take a beating when one or both spouses are working overtime, and are rarely at home, it seems the logical thing to do is remedy the situation before it’s irreversible. Let’s take a look at some ways that work can take a backseat to marriage.

1. First of all, make up your mind that your marriage relationship is your number one priority. It’s true that you want to make a living so you and your spouse can enjoy the benefits of financial stability, but a financially stable marriage without love and romance is a disaster.
2. Secondly, remember that the end doesn’t justify the means. Though you’re working to bring more “things” into your home, and to pay the bills, you must avoid justifying all that overtime by saying that in the end it will all pay off. It won’t if you have an unhappy spouse, and sad children wishing you could spend more time with them.
3. Make time for your family. This doesn’t mean you fit them into your calendar, but that your calendar fits in around family occasions. Keep that straight and your marriage and family life will thrive and be happy.
4. Plan special dates with your spouse. If you have children, it’s important for you and your spouse to get away once and a while and spend time alone, rekindling the romance and love in your relationship.
5. Go in to work earlier, rather than sacrifice a dinner away from home. Work through lunch or take a shorter lunch so you don’t miss time from the family.

As the marriage becomes the focal point of your life, everything else will support the relationship and not take away from it. It truly is a matter of commitment and dedication to what is most important in your life.