Is Yours a “Shake Hands” Kind of Business?

Recently, I was involved in a quick chat about how the business world has changed and the person I was talking to told me that she was impressed at how many hugs she got while working. As she explained it, “I’m just not in a hand-shaking type of business anymore, now it is all about hugging.” I realized that I do make some “classic” assumptions about running a home business and one of them is that business relationships are founded on the handshake. This isn’t necessarily true for many…

Strange that it wouldn’t dawn on me since I do conference planning work with a very “huggy” industry. People hug upon greeting and leaving and have rather emotional and warm e-mail signatures to boot. It definitely is NOT corporate America. I imagine that many home business owners may get involved in an alternative business, or even start their own home business because they want less formality in their business interactions. Those in the healing professions (or healing arts) are often drawn to them because they don’t want to sit in business meetings and look at budgets and spread sheets. Additionally, folks who work with animals or children have an entirely different way of interacting with clients and customers than the business books recommend!

The point I’m trying to make is that each industry does have its own culture and no matter what the “experts” and the business articles say, if we are going to be successful we need to adjust to the cultural expectations. This goes for if we travel or work with other ethnicities or international cultures too. Some businesses just aren’t about hand shaking and 3-piece suits. Finding a business that suits your temperament as well as adjusting to the cultural expectations (and changes) can be an important element to business success.

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