It is Okay to be Jealous

Jealousy has been a hot topic in my last couple of articles. I have given my thoughts in general on jealousy. I have also talked about the different reasons why people may be jealous.

In this article, I will discuss why I feel that jealousy is not always bad. I believe that it is okay to be jealous. Jealousy, the green eyed monster, can be very harmful and hurtful to a relationship. Just like many other things, when taken to the extreme jealousy can ruin a good partnership.

However, having a small feeling of jealousy every now and then is normal. I do not think that it can be possible for a couple in love to be so trusting and without worry in their relationship that there are no feelings of jealousy at any time.

Even if you trust you mate that completely, do you really trust other women that much? I know that there are some out there that try to break up relationships.

Suppose you and your mate are a party and are not at the same location at the time. An unfamiliar woman in a very sexy outfit goes up and closely begins talking to your mate. Do you completely dismiss the entire incident and feel nothing or do you ask your mate who she was? When you looked over and saw her, did you not feel the slightest bit of jealousy? The jealousy may not have come from the thought that your mate would find her attractive or that you mistrust him. It came from the feel that the woman was walking in on your territory. Her appearance and her misdemeanor added to the threat.

You would think nothing of it if she were to do the same to any other man in the room. You have those feelings of jealousy because you care about your mate. You love your mate. You want to protect your relationship.

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