It Will All Work Out

I have been thinking a lot about this topic lately. Maybe it is because in some ways, I see this blog, as a form of therapy for myself. And, when we learn things, it is best to share them with other that also might benefit. I ran across an article from the September 1990 Ensign that really spoke to me.

As members of the church, we still face mental health problems. I am not speaking of the more serious mental health issues that require professional counseling, or medication, but the mental health issues that we might just be able to take care of ourselves, with a little shift in our thinking. As a mother, and a wife, with responsibilities in my church callings, I often feel overwhelmed in day to day life. I constantly feel like I am missing out on finding joy in this life. I feel too weighed down by more responsibilities, and the expectations that I have for myself. I tend to want to feel like I have it all together, but in trying to have it all together, sometimes I feel more lost and disappointed than ever.

The article that I ran across is called, Keeping Mentally Well by Jan Underwood Pinborough. For anyone that may be struggling with feelings of inadequacy, sadness, stress, or anxiety, this article may serve as a guideline to live a happier, fuller, LDS life.

One of the things that jumped out at me in this article was this statement:

“One definition of good mental health is the ability to give up control—to trust God, ourselves, and others—and to know that things will work out…”

Perhaps this jumped out at me because of a recent conversation I had with my husband. He is the guy that always says and feels like everything will work out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Don’t worry, it will be fine.” While sometimes this is comforting to someone with a serious problem with worrying like myself, other times it can be infuriating. But, in this recent discussion, he said to me, “You don’t have that do you?” Meaning, i didn’t have the feeling that everything was going to be fine, or that things would all work out. He was right.

Then, I started to feel like maybe I was lacking in faith in my Heavenly Father. But, I think it is more than just that. I think finding a balance in life is key. In this article, she lists 6 principles that can help us find the joy of the Gospel in our lives.

Principle 1-Perfection is an Eternal Quest, Not an Immediate Goal
Principle 2-Control-Less is More
Principle 3-We Can Be Freed From The Effects of Sin
Principle 4-Changing Thoughts Can Change Feelings
Principle 5-Wellness is Balance
Principle 6-The Atonement Brings Healing

I hope to read this article a few times, and try to apply some of these principles to my own life. I’d love to achieve that feeling of peace one day and know that no matter what, it WILL all work out.

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