Items to Consider When Childproofing Your Home


When you have a baby or even a toddler, you know that your home must be childproofed. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of unnecessary and preventable accidents. From much research, I have concluded that KidCo has just about any kind of safety item a parent could need.

KidCo Safety Gates

Keeping your child out of areas where she should not be is difficult, unless you have some kind of gate. KidCo has various gates from which to choose.

For the bottom of stairs or a doorway, the Gateway (Model G11) is a top recommended product. Winner of several awards, this model is pressure mounted which means it requires only pressure from the walls it sits between to keep it sturdy. The gate opens in either direction with only the use of one hand, which makes it easy for Mom or Dad.

For the top of your stairs, a hardware-mounted gate is recommended. Try the Angle-mount Safeway (Model G22), which can be installed in any position. This product is ideal for angled banisters and walls.

For oddly shaped spaces where you would think mounting a gate would be nearly impossible, try the ConfigureGate (Model G80). You can mount these gates in any shape you like so you are not confined to simply blocking doorways. You can even section off a certain part of one room instead of the entire room, if you wish.

KidCo Play Den

Give your child his or her own special play area with the Play Den. This is perfect for leaving your child alone for a short period of time or just letting your child have some private quiet time. You can make it as large or as small as you like because it comes with six interlocking sections. There is even a gate so that you can leave it up in case you need it quickly.

KidCo Toilet Lid Lock

Locking the toilet is a hazard which escapes the minds of many parents. With the Toilet Lid Lock, you can keep curious hands out of the toilet and prevent any unwanted items from being flushed. The lock is easy for an adult to move and resets itself when you close the lid.

KidCo Standard Safety Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are also a concern for curious little hands. Try the Standard Safety Outlet Covers. These covers keep your child safe from putting fingers or objects where they don’t belong. The covers slide over the outlets so they are easily moved when you need to use the plugs. Once you remove the plug, the outlet automatically recovers itself.

KidCo Adhesive Mount Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Kitchen safety is also a concern. Parents keep all sorts of items in cabinets and drawers to which little ones should not have access. Although the best place to keep these items is in high cabinets, sometimes we cannot help it. Keep those items out of reach with the Adhesive Mount Cabinet and Drawer Lock. No tools are required to mount the locks and you only need one hand to open the cabinet or drawer. Simply push the latch as you open and you have access to whatever you need.

Remember that our children are precious. These simple items will help you to keep your child safe in your home.

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