It’s All About Me (or You) Scrapbooking!

Now that you’ve taken the time to step out from behind the camera, it’s important to know the different ways you can scrapbook about yourself.

And the best part is… you don’t even need to have a photograph for some of the things!

Scrapbooking about yourself is an important process in preserving your memories for future generations. Imagine your sixteen year old grand-daughter someday, looking through your albums and coming across a layout with your favorite things listed. Imagine how much fun it will be for her to see that you loved Pizza, “The Notebook”, drawing, singing and chocolate when you were 23.

Think about how interesting it is to hear stories from your mother’s childhood or teenage years. Things were so different back then, as they will be for our future generations to look back on. Preserving these now, insures that they will catch a glimpse into your life and truly get to know you and what you are about.

There are many different themes you can follow while scrapbooking about yourself. I will get to those in future blogs, however it is important to know that the key point is to share about yourself and get personal in your sharing and journaling.

I’ve been doing scrapbooks “All About Me” for a couple of years now. It is so awesome to go back and see what my favorites were in 1995 and compare them to how I’ve changed.

Interestingly, some things have stayed exactly the same, but other’s have changed drastically. You will see that happen as you begin to delve into your inner most thoughts.

Just remember how important it is to include pictures of you and your personal stories and journaling in your scrapbooks. There’s no better legacy you can leave your children than showing them who you are.

Be sure to watch the scrapbooking blog or my personal blog to catch more great entries on the topic of “All About Me”.

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It’s All About Me or You Scrapbooking

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