It’s Called Faithbooking!

Many women are using scrapbooking as an expression of their faith. They either want to leave a legacy for simply want to use this as a means of worship. This new idea in scrapbooking is catching on with women of faith who want to express themselves creatively. Faithbooking is simply scrapping about your faith. You do not need to be artistic or a scrapbooking maven. You simply need the desire to express your faith through a scrapbooking format.

What do you need?


Scrapbook pages



Scrapbooking pens or simply type up your thoughts.

Embellishments, optional


Ideas for Faithbooking:

The process of healing through your faith.
Sharing how a loved one showed strength in his or her faith.
Scrapbook about a faithful marriage for a new bride or as a bridal gift.
Share the love of your faith with your child by scrapping for a son or daughter.

Get the family together and each make a page sharing their faith or favorite verse.

Share your faith and doctrine through a scrapbook.

A gift for a pastor.

A gift for someone ill or in need of encouragement.

A group gift from church members to someone struggling or who has achieved a victory.

A gift to a college student to encourage him or her to stay faithful.

A gift to someone serving in the military to encourage him or her in times of trial.

Faithbooking can also be a personal endeavor between you and God. This method of scrapbooking can be healing and serve to strengthen you spiritually.

In my search for different ways to scrapbook I can across the idea on the Scrapbook Your Christian Faith website. I am not affiliated with the site nor have I conducted a review of the book the site sells. I simply thought it was a terrific idea and wanted to share.

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