It’s That Time of Year Again – The Razzies!

While so many people wonder whether there will be an Oscar ceremony this year (due to the writer’s strike), there is one thing that is certain – the Razzies will go on. The Razzies celebrate the best of the worst. Right now, we only know those nominated, but on February 23 (the day before we celebrate the best of the best – the day before the Oscar winners are announced), the Razzie winners will be named.

So who is up for this dubious award this year? Two names that have been in the headlines (and not in a good way!) this whole year are up for Razzies – Lindsay Lohan and Eddie Murphy. Lindsay was nominated for the movie I Know Who Killed Me.” From what I’ve read, the book was good but the film was a flop. Ah, but the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation decided not to award this film once, but nine times. I Know Who Killed Me is up for Worst Screen Couple, Horror Movie, Screenplay, Director, Remake/Rip-Off, Supporting Actress, Actress (2x), Picture.

Eddie Murphy literally went from first to worst. Last year, he was nominated (but lost) for an Academy Award for his appearance in Dreamgirls. But even before last year’s ceremony, some were saying his next film Norbit was so bad, it might have hurt his chances of winning an Oscar (something certainly did!). And now the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has nominated Norbit in eight categories: Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor (2x) Picture. Unfortunately, for Eddie, five of the categories fall directly on his shoulders, the most nominations any one person has gotten in a year.

Other “stellar” films that were nominated were I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Bratz, Daddy Day Camp (fortunately for Eddie, he was not involved in this sequel), and Captivity.

It may help for Lindsay and Eddie to know that other well respected acting greats, including Jack Nicholson, Christopher Walken, Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway, Laurence Olivier, Halle Berry, and Nicole Kidman, have also either been nominated or won Razzies in the past.

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