It’s the Small Things That Sometimes Mean the Most

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There are moments in a marriage where a very small thing means so much. This past Wednesday I attended a Bible study at my church. It’s a new series on how to stay in love in marriage. The pastor who was leading it shared a story about what may seem to us an insignificant moment, but to him deepened his love for his wife even greater.

I had the same kind of moment as well. It was on Monday when my husband and I spent the day at Children’s Hospital. Our 12-year-old son had to undergo an endoscopy. He has been having some health issues and this was to be the last test he would undergo. But it required him being put under general anesthesia and it was something we were nervous about.

The reason we were nervous is because back in 2007 he had surgery. While that went well, he had a very difficult time with the anesthesia. His asthma caused some breathing problems when he was coming out of it, plus he got very sick from it.

On top of it we knew they were taking biopsies and well, it’s hard to not think about the possible outcomes of that. So all in all it was an emotionally trying day.

As my son was prepared for the procedure, the doctor went over with us everything that was going to happen. He explained that as soon as the procedure was done, one of us would be allowed in the recovery room with him. I repeated what he said, “One of us?” He said that yes, only one parent could be in there.

It wouldn’t be until after he woke up completely that both of us could join him. I didn’t really understand the reasoning for this but I knew almost immediately it would be a problem. He is our baby and my husband is very close to him. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that my husband isn’t close to our other children. It’s just that at this particular point in life, he is especially close to him.

We looked at each other as if to say, “So who is it going to be?” I honestly thought we would end up in an argument because there was no way I could not be with my son. But before I could say anything, my husband said, “Mom can go with you. She will worry too much otherwise.”

Now maybe to someone else this is no big deal but to me it meant the world. It meant he understood the special bond a mother has with her son. He was willing to put his feelings aside for mine. He was willing to sacrifice and that was just very huge to me.

In the end they allowed us both to come in and I think that was a reward to my husband for his willingness to give. I’ve really come to realize this week that it is the small things that can sometimes mean the most.

What small thing can you do today, that will mean the most to your spouse?

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