J is for…

When I think of the letter J, the first word that comes to mind is joy. Maybe that says something about me and tells you I am by nature optimistic. But joy is one of a few Js that should be an integral part of a marriage.


I hope you feel just as joyful today about being married to your spouse as you did the day you married them. If so, let them know what a joy they are to you.

It can also mean joy in the little things – in doing simple everyday things but doing them together. It might mean the joy of talking a walk together or looking forward to eating a meal and hearing about everybody’s day- the joy of conversation.

Children can be a great responsibility and a worry at time but they are also a great joy. It’s so great to be able to share that joy with your spouse.

If you look for the joy in your marriage, you are more likely to find it. So why not start a joy list -things you are joyful about.

My joyful list for the day includes the joy of waking up each day next to my husband. The joy of seeing two rabbits on the road. I chased them away for Mick back into the bush so he didn’t run over them as he parked. Then Mick and I walked along the beach together. It’s joy just to be able to get out in the fresh air and walk. I found finding a few special shells which Mick carried home for my collection. There’s the joy of talking together. That’s only from the first hour of the day’s joys.

I’d love to hear some of your joy list.


No, I don’t mean you should treat your marriage as a joke – far from it. But jokes, laughter and a sense of humor can often diffuse an argument or help you cope in stressful times. Every marriage needs an element of fun.


Be just and fair in your dealings with your spouse and don’t accuse or lay blame where it doesn’t belong.

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