Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Bristol Palin to Sisterhood of Teen Mothers

One’s known as “The Juno of Juneau” the other, Britney’s baby sister, yet the two teens, who live thousands of miles away from each other, have a lot in common. And at least one of them is trying to bridge the gap.

Yesterday, while her vice presidential candidate mother Sarah was preparing to formally introduce and define herself to the American public at the Republican National Convention, teen mom-to-be Bristol Palin was busy making a new friend… one Jamie Lynn Spears.

The 17-year-old fallen Disney star is reportedly reaching out to the 17-year-old pregnant daughter of Alaska’s governor. It all started when new mom Spears sent Bristol a gift of $60 pink burp cloths with a message of teen mom solidarity. According to news reports, Spears included a card with the package that read “Dear Bristol, Hang in there! XXOO, Jamie Lynn Spears.”

In addition, rumor has it the “Zoey 101” star also told her rep to pass along her digits to 5-month pregnant Bristol in case she needs someone to talk to about “baby stuff.”

Hmm… given the rosy picture of unwed teen motherhood Spears painted in her recent interview with OK! magazine, I’m not sure Palin’s parents should encourage this blossoming “friendship.” Then again, for all we know Bristol already read Spears’ magazine interview and that’s why she’s in her current situation.

Cynicism aside I suppose one should give credit to Spears for showing some compassion for Bristol Palin, who up until last week was living a life of relative obscurity in the wooded mountains of Wasilla, Alaska. One minute the popular high school junior was hanging out at the local mall with her 18-year-old hockey loving, self-proclaimed “redneck” boyfriend, Levi Johnston and the next minute she’s engaged and wearing the same maternity clothes her 44-year-old mom modeled prior to giving birth just four months ago. Now, that’s not a situation the average teen experiences everyday. Which is probably why Spears sent Bristol a shout out.

Jamie Lynn, who has lived much of her life in the shadow of her older sister Britney, gave birth to her first child Maddie Briann in June. Like Palin, she plans to marry the 19-year-old father of her child (who is also referred to as a “redneck”… by tabloids) Casey Aldridge… eventually. But for now the two teens are shacking up in a multi-acre spread in Mississippi.

Two unwed teenage mothers facing a long road ahead with the bright light of the media firmly shining upon them… one TV commentator dubbed the budding friendship between Bristol and Jamie Lynn “the sisterhood of the traveling maternity pants.” What would you call it?

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