Jane Arrested, McCartney Divorce Settled and Cancer for Another Beloved Star?

By Jane, I mean of course, The Punisher’s Thomas Jane. He joins the list of many celebrities who have been pulled over for drinking and driving. Jane, who is married to Medium’s Patricia Arquette, was pulled over for speeding in Kern County, California, then charged with DUI because his blood alcohol level was above the .08 percent.

On a side note, Jane was excellent in the movie 61*, playing Mickey Mantle opposite to Barry Pepper’s Roger Maris.

The McCartney divorce has finally been settled. Heather Mills was awarded $48.6 million, which when converted from Paul McCartney dollars to real people dollars, is about $100k. She had been asking for $250 million, but obviously, the court didn’t feel the six years she spent married to the cutest Beatle was worth almost $42 million each.

While the $48.6 million seems a lot to us (I know it does me!), a divorce specialist in London said it is quite low. Patricia Hollings pointed out that Heather is only receiving about 6% of Sir Paul’s assets, which it quite a low percentage for a high-wealth case. Heather has said she will not appeal the decision.

She may not want to face the judge again. He said that her evidence for the trial was “not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid. Overall she was a less than impressive witness.” At one point, he called her ideas about her marriage as “make-belief.” Ouch.

It appears there may be sad news regarding acting legend Paul Newman’s health. He cancelled out on a fundraising event last week. His rep said he was being treated for athlete’s foot and hair loss, but really – missing out on a children’s charity even for athlete’s foot?

The New York Post is saying that Paul has been visiting an oncologist. A patient who has been visiting an unnamed oncologist says that Paul has made many trips to the doctor, but has been working out in the waiting room, doing squat thrusts.

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