January Food Bargains

I may be a little late with this one, since it is already the middle of the month, but it is better late than never! I wanted to make sure that I had the right bargains with my own real life experience to go with it. It used to be that monthly food bargains could be predicted pretty easily, but with the extremes of the economy and extreme couponing, I just can’t take anything for granted.

So here are the food bargains that you should look in January, this month.

Fast Food

Yup, that is right, you read it here. I am a big advocate for eating in, but the fast food bargains are pretty good this month. Why? Well, everyone is cutting back a bit from the holiday spending and the running around. We all want to save money and eat at home. The fast food places want us to eat out, at their restaurants, of course. So, they try to ease us back into thinking eating out is okay by offering some amazing bargains on their food this month.

They want us to think that eating out is pretty cheap. Look for plenty of dollar bargains, meal deals and coupons for free items.

Entertaining and Holiday Clearance

Christmas clearance is still going on in some places, although you might have to hunt through the back of the store to find it. Chocolate and other candy is slashed. Some speciality baking items, such as sprinkles are on clearance as well.

With entertaining basically over, you’ll also find plenty of frozen finger foods at cheap prices. Stock up and use them for after-school snacks.


Both instant oatmeal and regular oats are discounted this month. Perhaps people want to settle in during winter with an easy hot breakfast. Remember that you can make your own instant oatmeal to save money. Simple put regular oats into a grinder or food processor and add some sugar and other ingredients. That is it. You can bag them up individually for the same morning convenience, or do what I do–make a tub of them and scoop ot whatever you need (stir or shake the canister first).

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