Jenny’s Mystery Man Revealed

A few weeks ago I was watching ABC’s “The View” (actually, I had the TV on while I was cleaning the kitchen so I wasn’t really 100% focused on the program) when I heard co-host Joy Behar say, “Come on… Come on… you can tell us… do you want me to say?” I looked up from the sink to see Jenny McCarthy shaking her head no. I put my sponge down. Now I was intrigued. What didn’t this woman who had penned an entire book chronicling her pregnancy and subsequent post-baby weight-loss regime, not want us to know?

“Can I say who you’re dating?” Behar begged. “I rather not discuss it,” was all McCarthy would reveal that day. Now, I really wanted to know who it was that the former Playboy Playmate was dating. It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I found out that McCarthy’s mystery man is none other than actor Jim Carrey. Frankly, I wasn’t that shocked. From the interviews I have seen of them (individually) they seem to share a similar sense of humor. What I did find shocking was the shroud of secrecy that hung over their relationship.

I say, “was” because in recent weeks I have seen a number of photos of the couple in a variety of entertainment magazines. PEOPLE magazine showed the “goofball duo” holding hands at a Radiohead concert. And quoted a fellow concertgoer as saying, “They were having so much fun it was like you were watching a romantic comedy.”

Some magazines calculate that the Carrey/McCarthy pairing has been kept under wraps for at least five months. But, what started quietly is beginning to reach a fever pitch with the couple’s moves now being documented in numerous publications. First, it was the helicopter ride in Santa Monica. Next, the pair was photographed hugging at a Fiona Apple concert. Then, just last week, pictures of the duo leaving a popular L.A. restaurant appeared in several magazines… so much for secrecy.

A source close to the actor/comedian says, “Jim is very happy.” Perhaps, he is just so happy he can no longer hide his feelings for McCarthy. (Just a guess) For her part, McCarthy, who has never been this mum about anything in her life admits she struggles to keep her feelings about Carrey to herself, “I’m so brutally honest and tell people everything about my personal life, it’s really hard not to” she then added that Carrey is “an amazing person.”

Last August McCarthy filed for divorce from her husband, director John Asher with whom she has a 4-year-old son, Evan. Carrey is also a parent to an 18-year-old daughter, Jane.

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