Jewel’s Unconventional Wedding and Matthew’s Unique Parenting

They finally did it!

After more than 10 years together Jewel and her rodeo champion boyfriend Ty Murray are officially husband and wife.

According to reports, the award-winning singer and her longtime boyfriend got hitched in a private ceremony in the Bahamas last night.

Jewel’s rep confirms that she wore “a traditional wedding gown, while Ty wore his favorite blue jeans, white shirt and cowboy hat.” The singer’s rep also added that the ceremony was not attended by anyone but the minister who married the couple.

Interestingly, the pair never formally announced an engagement, though they have been sharing a 2,200-acre ranch in Texas for a number of years.

So why get hitched now?

Some speculate that a baby is on the way after, but Jewel’s rep declined to comment on the rumor.

At a charity event in Nashville earlier this week the 34-year-old singer told reporters, “Marriage is something that needs to be taken seriously.” However, just a few months ago the singer said she was in no rush to tie the knot.


The newlyweds will reportedly remain in the Bahamas for the next week enjoying their honeymoon.

While Jewel and Ty enjoy married life, actor Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves are adjusting to life as new parents.

Their son Levi is now four weeks old and the proud new dad says he refuses to let his newborn slow him down. In a recent interview with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta the 38-year-old actor says young Levi has already been to the beach, a John Mellencamp concert, and the movies.

McConaughey says he and Camila take Levi everywhere so he’s “equipped to be around the sights and sounds of people.” He also noted that he wasn’t keen on the idea that the addition of a baby should mean modifying his lifestyle.

“Everyone talked about how, oh, you have a kid, life changes, it’s like 180 degrees on a dime full stop, wow,” McConaughey says. “And a lot of them had an insinuation under that like, you have to stop living your life as you live it. That hasn’t been the case.”

The actor also revealed some other interesting facts regarding his son’s birth. According to McConaughy, he and Camila kept the placenta, which they plan to bury in an orchard, following an Australian aboriginal custom he discovered during a visit there.

“They had a placenta tree that was on the river, and it was for the women, and it was the most fertile land and fertile river,” he says. “And all the placentas of all that tribe, all that clan … went under that one tree, and it was this huge behemoth of just health and strength. And this tree was just growing taller and stronger above the rest of Mother Nature around it. It was gorgeous.”

I didn’t know hospitals let parents keep placentas.

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