JK Rowling is Writing a New Book

Harry Potter fans over the age of twelve take note: JK Rowling is writing a new book aimed at adults, but will fans eager anticipate it?

Yesterday morning, the Harry potter author announced that she has an agreement with Little, Brown for her very first adult novel. Everything is still hush hush about the title, the release date or any details about the book, but supposedly, more details will be announced later this year.

book Rumors abound about the type of book that JK Rowling is writing. Ian Rankin, a writer and neighbor of JK Rowling tweeted that perhaps the new book is a mystery novel. All JK Rowling will say is that it is very different from Harry Potter.

Whatever the novel is, it is sure to be a success with Harry Potter fans, especially those who have been with her from the beginning. The young people who grew up with Harry are now young adults, just right for this next novel. Of course, there are plenty of middle aged and older fans as well.

As for the Harry Potter books, well there are some exciting plans for those as well. The publisher has announced that it will be publishing illustrated versions of all seven of the Harry Potter books starting next year in 2013. She finished the series in 2007.

The Harry Potter franchise now includes an amusement park as well as a new interactive website called Pottermore. The books have been translated into 74 languages.

What do you think of this announcement that JK Rowling writing a new book aimed at adults. Do you plan on purchasing the book when it is released? Do you think it will be a success? Should JK Rowling have quit while she was ahead? Share your thoughts on the Families.com Facebook fan page.

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