Job Search Basics – Part 2

Make Sure Your Application is Considered

I hate to tell you this, but just because you turn in an application doesn’t mean that it’s going to be read. For jobs that are advertised, there are often 50-100 applications turned in for each position – sometimes more. Busy human resources people don’t have time to read all of the applications. Yours has a very likely chance of being lost in the shuffle.

The answer to this problem is not to stop filling out applications. Instead, you have to find ways to make sure that your application gets noticed. There are three things that you absolutely should do with every application you turn in.

1.Be sure that the application is filled out completely and accurately.
Any blank spaces should be filled with N/A, make sure your handwriting is neat and that everything is spelled correctly. When filling in reasons for leaving last employer, avoid things like “quit” or “moved” because these are red flags to an employer. Instead, it is better to say “pursued a different career path” or something like that.

2.Attach a resume.
You want this for two reasons. First, a resume shows that you are professional and that you have taken the time to prepare for a job search. Second, a resume gives you the chance to highlight the skills that are important to you instead of having to just answer the questions on the application. Overall, it just gives the employer a better impression of you.

3.Attach a cover letter.
A cover letter gives you a chance to brag about your skills. It also presents a professional front to the employer. Take a lot of time writing your cover letter and make sure that it is perfect. This is your advertisement for yourself.

Bring along a paperclip so that you can attach your cover letter, resume and application together once you fill out the application. What you have now is an application packet. This packet will be a lot thicker than what everyone else has turned in and it will automatically cause the interviewer to look at yours because it stands out. Getting your application proper consideration is the first step to getting an interview and then the job.