Join the Scrapbook Club

The ScrapBook Club is the first and only book club exclusively for scrapbookers! Yes, that’s right. It’s a book club just for us. And it’s full of great benefits.

Your selections come right to your door. No more running to the store to pick up the latest idea book, you can get it right in your mailbox. Everyday low prices, make building your idea library easy and affordable.

The ScrapBook Club isn’t like other book clubs either. There is no minimum number of books to buy. Shipping and handling is FREE! There’s a members only website where you can accept or decline the main selection, pages to flip so you can preview the book before you choose it, and a place to browse the complete catalog

There’s a Bonus Book Program available with no limit to the number of books you can earn free. It’s quick and easy to earn your points to get a free book.

Each month you will receive the ScrapBook Club Bulletin, filled with full-color book excerpts, demos, and tips and techniques from professionals.

One of the cool privileges of being a club-member is that you are able to enjoy prizes and contests, discounted prices on scrapbooking tools and materials and lots of product giveaways. And anytime you introduce a friend to the ScrapBook club you get a free book! How cool is that?

My idea library has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined the ScrapBook Club. It’s easy to join too, you can just go to their website. When you join, you get 2 free books plus a 3rd book for only $11.99. Plus you get a free issue of Memory Makers magazine.

The books you choose come from a long-list of over 50+ titles ranging from beginner to advance. There really are a lot of books to choose from and remember no obligation to purchase anything else from them. But if you do stay on, you get awesome discounts and free books all along the way.

I hope you find this club as fabulous as I do. I am enjoying the monthly selections but I also love how easy it is to decline the offer also.
Happy Scrappin’!

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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