Journal Writing: Start Today

Keeping a journal is an important part of family history work, since it keeps a personal history of your life and events. It is also a great tool that allows you to reflect on your daily life. It can allow you to see the blessings in your life, and remember what you have learned from your most difficult times. It can help you to see the Lord’s hand in your life as you consider what has happened to prepare you to deal with the challenges you face.

As you keep your journal you should strive to make it a habit. If you are not a big writer strive for at least once a month, although weekly would be even better. If you enjoy writing you may strive for a daily entry. When you write this often you can explore many different aspects of your life and give more details on how you really live.

Another thing to consider is how you are most comfortable writing. You may prefer to write on loose leaf and then put it in a notebook. Be sure to use acid free paper. The type of pen you use may make a difference in how you write, but you should be sure to use ink that is acid free so that it will last and not fade. You may be more comfortable typing and you can set up a journal file on your computer. Be sure to back up these files and store them elsewhere besides your computer.

It is also important to consider whom you are writing the journal for. At times you may be writing it entirely for yourself, and other times you may be more aware that you are writing it for your posterity. Be sure that you consider including background information and other details that will make you real to someone who is reading about you.

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