Journaling Advice: a guide to 2006 journaling articles

Are you looking for great journaling ideas? Have you made a scrapbook goal or resolution to journal more, or to work on your journaling to make it better? Well, you need look no further than right here on in our resourceful scrapbooking section.

Being a journaling queen myself, and having both my 2006 and 2007 personal goals, include journaling in some way, I began taking a closer look at what Lisa Andrews and I provided on in 2006.

Wow! There are some great articles dealing with journaling right here on this very website. No need to look elsewhere, just let me show you, what you can find!

It all started back in March, when I started a series on The Scrapbook Journaling Process. The series dealt with everything from why it’s important to the basic and advanced techniques you can apply to your own personal journaling.

The Scrapbook Journaling Process: Why It’s Important, dives right in, explaining the many reasons why, journaling on your scrapbook layouts is important. Following this article was The Scrapbook Journaling Process: The Basic 5 W’s, which explained the absolute basics of journaling and how to do it. However, the next article, The Scrapbook Journaling Process: The Advanced 5 W’s, takes you beyond normal journaling, detailing a closer look at expanding into areas you might not otherwise have.

After I felt this series was complete, and to help re-enforce what you had been taught, I followed with Recipes for Great Journaling, to provide you with some new ideas to apply to your journaling. Using top ten lists, facts, and letters, you can expand the journaling your provide on various layouts.

Just before summer, I wrote, Five Simple Ways To Improve Your Journaling, where I provided tips to become a better journalist through your writing. Several days later, I followed with an article that is very near and dear to my heart, Journaling the Hard Times. It is important that not every memory we have is happy, and that there are many difficult times we face in our lives. This article helps you incorporate those events into your scrapbooking.

After such a serious journaling article, I tried to show you how to take journaling a little less seriously by Hosting a Scrapbook Journal Making Party.

In the “Journaling” series of articles, Journaling: Remembering The Little Things, Journaling: Using Quotes and Toppers, and Journaling: Children’s Thoughts and Words, show you new ideas on more specific topics and techniques.

Journaling Written By Hand, discuss the importance of including your own handwriting on your layouts. A very important part of scrapbooking! Really, an absolute must read.

Do You Remember Your Memories?, teaches you how to better recall the memories you might have forgotten and how to preserve those you do remember.

Lisa helped you Improve Your Journaling and then later, in Finding New Ways To Incorporate Journaling, she provided some new ideas and fun and creative ways to get that journaling done!

Lisa provided reviews on several amazing idea books and blogs throughout 2006, but the journaling books and blogs, were always my favorite. My very favorite was Journaler’s Junction, which is an extremely useful blog for those than enjoy journaling.

Throughout October, November and December, I tried to add some fun and creativity to your journaling by providing you with plenty of poems and quotes for the holidays, as well as a terrific list of Strange Holidays and Other Events that make scrapbooking a bit more fun.

But don’t worry, the ideas are not tapped out. 2007 promises you many new and creative ways to use journaling on your layouts, in your life and really shake things up.

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