Journaling New Year’s Resolutions

The first day of the year brings with it a myriad of opportunities and new beginnings. It also ushers in the ubiquitous New Year’s resolution. I’m sure you’ve made a few in your lifetime. I have; everything from losing weight to learning how to sew, to getting a new job and getting out of debt. If I had to scrap the litany of resolutions I’ve made in the last 30 or so years, I’d need a forklift to pick up my book.

A New Year’s resolution scrapbook? Do people actually scrap promises that are made to be broken? According to the displays at my local scrapbook supply store, New Year’s resolution scrapbooks and scrapbook pages are part of a popular trend. Apparently, they are supposed to help you stay motivated throughout the year by giving you a tangible reminder of your goals.

As you might imagine, journaling is a major component of a New Year’s resolution layout. Journaling boxes can house outlines on how you plan to keep your resolution. For example, if your New Year’s promise to yourself is to lose 15 pounds, then you can use the space to jot down the steps you plan to take to make your dream a reality, such as joining a gym or signing up with Weight Watchers.

The most important thing to remember when crafting a New Year’s resolution scrapbook layout is to include as much positive reinforcement as possible. This could take shape in the form of a letter from a friend encouraging you to stay focused on your goal to earn your Master’s degree or some positive quotes from your significant other regarding your weight loss efforts or a goal of quitting your current job and opening your own business.

Just remember that the theme of a New Year’s resolution layout is to promote progress, so leave space to add to your journaling block. You should be adding updates throughout the year. You could also use photos, stamps, stickers and die cuts to enhance your journaling or create a mini album or a pocket to hold hidden journal entries.

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