Journaling: Remembering the Little Things

While we often remember to journal about our experiences, holidays and special events in our lives, sometimes we forget the little things. It’s important to take time out of our busy lives and schedules to smell the flowers, or to take notice in the little things around us.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a certain look your child gives you, all the way to what a day to day schedule is like for them.

But do you remember the last time your child had a cold? What did they do? What special things do you do when your child is sick? Breakfast in bed? A special bowl of soup or toy? Those are the small things that often get overlooked.

Here are a few ideas to spark your creative side and get you journaling the little things:

What’s in your purse/nightstand?

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

What does your “to-do” list look like?

What’s in your child’s backpack?

What do all the keys on your key chain go to?

What’s your favorite meal in the world?

What’s in your refrigerator/freezer?

What are your children or your favorite things?

What are your nighttime rituals with your children?

What do you have to buy every time you go to the grocery store?

Why do they love a certain item (i.e. Book, blanket, stuffed animal or song)?

What do your children do that bug you the most?

What are your pet peeves?

The list can go on and on, as we focus on the smaller details of our lives. Be creative or choose something from the above list. Think about what you might like to create a layout about! Have fun but don’t forget to tell me what it is you are writing about!