Journaling the Hard Times

As scrapbookers, we tend to capture the happy moments; the moments where people are smiling or having fun. However, sometimes life serves us up some lemons and we find ourselves faced with challenges or disappointments.

At these times, scrapbooking can be a great comfort. It can help to heal, or sooth your inner soul. Often times you can find strength and peace through your journaling enabling you to deal with whatever path we must follow from that point on.

Use journaling and scrapbooking to record both good and bad thoughts, feelings and experiences. It’s a very therapeutic way to heal. Here are a few examples of some tragic experiences that should not be left out of your books.

Death of a Loved One
Pay tribute to that person, or leave a legacy for others to know that individual. You can often express your grief while offering others a glimpse into the special person’s life. You can help keep their memory alive, by journaling about the entire experience. Photos are not necessary, though you might choose to include a photo or two from some point in their life. Portraits work the very best for this.

Natural Disasters
From floods to fires, and hurricanes to tornados, we all know how devastating these disasters can be. Scrapbooking can provide a “starting-over” point and help heal from the loss. Not only should you include the historical date, such as the amount of rainfall, or perhaps the number of people affected, but you should also journal about the steps you’ve taken to rebuild your lives as well as your homes.

In our lifetime, most of us are affected in some way, by a serious illness. It might not be you; it might be a friend or relative. But regardless it happens to all of us. Scrapbooking or journaling about the ups and downs can help you deal with the hardest moments and obtain strength and courage from the experience.

Recovering from a minor to tragic injury or accident can seem almost hopeless. But if you record the details, you’ll have an inspiring account of recovery filled with determination, courage and strength, which just might help others in the same situation.

So be sure and include the hard times too! It helps to heal and give strength in a time of need. Best of luck!