Journaling: Using Quotes & Toppers

Being the journaling guru that I am, I find myself constantly craving words on my layouts. If it isn’t actual journaling, I also enjoy using quotes and page toppers to convey a message. Words tell a story, or give the reader a hint to what they are looking at. In the newspaper, pictures have captions. In magazines, pictures have captions.

You can use quotes and page toppers to be your “captions” on your scrapbook page.

You should be able to find page toppers and quotes on practically every subject you can imagine. Sometimes you might even be able to come up with your own cute or clever toppers or even a quote.

This might seem strange, but it clearly shows what a scrapbook addict I am. Occasionally I will come across a quote that really touched my heart. I’m sure you’ve had that happen too. But have you ever really sat and thought about the quote? Sometimes I do that. And when I do, I actually can come up with photograph ideas to include on the layout.

An example was when my daughter was an infant, I came across the quote …

“Mother’s hold their children’s hands for awhile, their hearts forever.”

I immediately fell in love with the quote – it fit exactly how I felt about her, because my son who was almost four was already so “grown up”, I realized how fast the time can go. So I decided to stage two separate photos of my daughter’s tiny infant hand resting in mine, and my son’s adorable little hand in mine. I included photos of them at that age and used nothing but the quote on the page.

It’s one of my very favorite layouts. Oh, and I turned the photos from color to black and white to give it a timeless feel.

So if you ever have a case of scrapper’s block, which we all have from time to time, try going through a quote book, or remember a quote that particularly touched your heart. Try creating the entire layout around the quote.

You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll end up with an impressive, everlasting way to enjoy that quote!

What’s your favorite quote?