Journey To Better Journaling

scrapbooking journaling layoutOne of my scrapbook goals for 2007 is to stop procrastinating and journal more. I am a born journalist and have kept diaries, journals and words that I have written over the years. I have notebooks filled with thoughts, poems, journaling and essays I’ve written on various subjects. But the thing I noticed, is that although I tend to do journaling a lot, there is still far more I could do with it.

So how does someone who journal’s all the time, get better? There are several ways.

Idea Books:

On the scrapbooking market, and beyond, there are many different idea books for journaling available. Read, research and absorb new idea books, whenever you can. One of my favorite series of books, are not even really standard “journaling” books per say; but the Book of Me Series by Angie Pedersen, is an incredible resource for inspiration. The reason, I happen to love this series so much, is that it makes you think about journaling topics, you might not otherwise have thought of, and helps you fill your albums with your own personality and life, as well as the other members of your family that you scrapbook.

Another fabulous set of journaling books is, Joanna Campbell Slan’s Journaling books. Joanna is a small town girl, who has put out six amazing journaling books that help you think, and preserve your precious memories. I highly recommend both of these ladies books.


Try out new styles of journaling. If you are commonly found using a basic journaling method, perhaps where you simply write the date, the location, and a line or two about what is going on, it is certainly time to branch out. Try such ways to journal as, lists, notes, letters, poems, and so much more. There are several articles here on dealing with various journaling styles and ideas. Try a new one every time you scrapbook, and you might find one you are unfamiliar with, that is totally a comfortable fit for many of your pages.


Play around with your words and styles. Try various fonts, to add a little style or flair to your words. Try using your own handwriting, rather than using computer fonts. Try using journaling templates. Play around with different pens. There are so many ways you can practice your journaling, and the more you practice the better it gets.

One Tip:

If your journaling is not flowing freely, as it should, try taking a walk. Or try other methods, like listening to an inspirational piece of music, or just close your eyes and rest for a bit, and then come back. If the journaling is not flowing, and it is forced, it will sound that way when it is read by others. You want it to come from the heart, and with a little practice, you will be unleashing your feelings and journaling in no time at all!

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