This is the time of year that parents are beginning to think about which preschool to put your children in for next year. I would like to suggest that you consider forming a Joyschool, and having your child attend it. Joyschool is a program that was established by Richard and Linda Eyre because they were not happy with what the preschools in their area were offering.

Joyschool has been around for over twenty years. I went when I was child, and I still have fond memories of the program. Joyschool is based on learning about a different value or Joy each month. It is not an academic focused program, but there is kindergarten prep material available with the second year of the curriculum.

The way a Joyschool works is that a group of mothers get together and form a group. Each mother will then take a turn teaching the lessons. After you have rotated through, you will begin again. The program works best with groups of between three and six children. There are notes home that let you know what your child has learned, and suggestions to continue the learning at home.

To learn more about the program you can visit This site will give you more information about Joyschool, the Eyres, and other programs that are available. Although the Eyres are LDS, anyone can use the Joyschool program, because it is not religiously affiliated. I do recommend Joyschool as an alternative to preschool. My daughter is just finishing up her first year, and I am planning on having her continue next year.

The site is a great resource for any family. It has a year’s worth of family home evening lessons available, and programs that are tailored to nearly any age group and stage of family life.