Judging Others

Do we judge those that are around us? Are we envious of what we see? It can be difficult to compare yourself to others. I usually find myself coming up short. In the church we are encouraged to help to build each other up. This cannot be done effectively if we are in a constant state of judging those around us.

Usually when we think of judging others we will think of putting those we see below us. Often we feel that they are inferior to us for whatever reason. This is a negative practice, and one that I think most everyone is trying to avoid. However there is a reverse judging that can take place as well. Do you ever look at those around you, and feel simply inferior to the great leaders in your ward? Do you wonder how they manage to survive trial after trial and still come out with a positive view on things?

While it is good to admire these characteristics and try to develop them in ourselves, it can be just as bad on us to judge people in this way. We are often left feeling inadequate and that we can never measure up or accomplish the things that we need to. We also seldom see the inner struggle of others. Those with a brave attitude may have been heart broken as they have come to face their trials.

If you see a quality that you admire in someone you can compliment her on it. You may want to ask how she developed that quality or share some experiences that you have had that have made you appreciate that in others. As we take the time to build up each other, we can all grow closer to our Heavenly Father. We do not need to judge others, and we should never compare ourselves to others. Heavenly Father loves each of His children, and we should do the same (this does include ourselves).