Jump Right In!


The other day at the beach I watched people cautiously approach the water and stick their toes in then jump back muttering,‘It’s cold,’ or ‘It’s freezing,’ or something similar.

Those of us already in the water laughed, though I admit it is cold initially. Part of living on the South Coast of New South Wales is that the water seems to take longer to warm up. It’s a matter of getting over the initial reaction and getting in and getting the whole body wet not just up to the ankles. That first minute or two are cold but then you adjust and realize how beautiful it is.

Sadly some people try and do this with the Christian life. They are frightened to commit themselves fully so they try and stick a toe in the water to see if they’ll like it, or they paddle around the edges. They might go to church from time to time or even open the bible occasionally but they never wholly commit themselves to the Christian life.

The other night I listened to a friend talk about branching put into a new life in a new job in a completely new area. The thought of such major changes made him apprehensive, causing him to be unable to sleep. Fear does that to us. I know it is something I’ve had cause to face from time to time. Like this man I know where the secret lies. Not in trying to pretend the fears don’t exist, but in prayer.

God caused him to recall positive verses from the Bible. Soon the peace that only God g can give replaced the fears and doubts that nagged at him. He was able to sleep peacefully.

Sadly those who paddle around the edged of Christianity and never fully commit to Jesus never experience this peace because they are afraid to commit. Sadly some people shrink back at this point, like those who retreat onto the sand, rather than be uncomfortable for a short time. As a result they miss out on the great blessings God has for His people.

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